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Perth CB Repeater Group Inc.

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Welcome to our web site!

The Perth CB repeater Group is an incorporated association made up of users of UHF citizens band radio.

The group owns and operates the Perth channel 3 repeater located at Rolystone in the hills of the Perth metro area. By having repeaters, the range of a UHF CB radio is dramtically increased. The Ch 3 repeater covers from Two Rocks in the north to Mandurah in the south.


The group also has a social aspect, with bbq's, 4WD trips & camping weekends being held. We all get together on CH3 on a Sunday evening for our "Callback".

Join the callback. Our members are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the group and how you can join. We receive no funding from any agencies & rely on memberships & donations.

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